Our Story

We started our fireplace company in Wichita, KS over 20 yrs ago. Wanting to be closer to our kids and grandkids, we relocated to the Colorado Springs area in 2013.

Our company started out as a hobby for Russ 23 yrs ago, but has quickly morphed into a full time endeavor because of his troubleshooting skills. He is the go to guy in Southern Colorado to fix most any fireplace, stove, pellet stove or fire pit.

Russ is a stickler for safety, and a great teacher, He will take the time to explain how to use your gas fireplace or stove, and how to build a healthy hot wood fire that draws well.

Shelly, runs the office and will set up your appointment and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Most of our business is by referral or word of mouth. We tend to build relationships with our customers that create trust and life long clients.

We also work well with the commercial side of the industry. Realtors and property managers are usually crushed for time so to accommodate them we keep at least 3 appointments a week free for their emergency needs, and if need be Russ is willing to find a time to get their jobs completed on time, even if it’s a weekend.

We as individuals and a company are dedicated to giving you our customers the best service experience possible.

Russ and Shelly Rogers

Russ Rogers - Fireplace Pros
Russ Rogers
Shelly Rogers - Fireplace Pros
Shelly Rogers

Fireplace Pros

22 years of experience
Licensed and Insured since 1995
Highly qualified service tech
National Fireplace Institute Certified
Compliance Depot Certifications


Why Choose A National Fireplace Institute Pro?

A National Fireplace Institute Certification formally validates the Specialist’s extensive knowledge and expertise based on predetermined standards of safety and protocol. Hiring an NFI Certified Specialist ensures your hearth project is executed with the utmost in safety, professionalism & industry expertise providing you with an exceptional experience from start to finish!

NFI Certified Specialists are validated by rigorous testing on the service and installation of FIREPLACES, STOVES & INSERTS

  • Safety guidelines
  • Safety clearances
  • National Building Codes
  • Hearth appliance requirements
  • Fuel delivery issues
  • Venting applications
  • Combustion criteria
  • Post-installation inspection & service